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Macular laser for healthy RPE regeneration

Selectively targets RPE while preserving photoreceptors




Why R:GEN?

R:GEN is the only retinal laser proven to deliver safe, efficacious and precise targeting of Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) cells.

R:GEN’s proprietary Real-Time Feedback, Dual Dosimetry, and Auto Ramp-up technologies ensure precise targeting of RPE cells without damage to photoreceptors.

How R:GEN Works

Key Features

Ideal Wavelength and Pulse Duration (527 nm / 1.7 ㎲)

The R:GEN 527 nm laser with 1.7 μs pulse width provides ideal energy to selectively target the RPE cells while minimizing thermal damage.

 Core Technology microsecond pulse laser   

Real-time Feedback ensures safety using Dual Dosimetry and Auto-ramping Technologies

R:GEN utilizes pioneering and proprietary technology to enhance clinical outcomes and safety.

Dual Dosimetry Technology

R:GEN’s patented Dual Dosimetry Technology utilizes reflectomery (back-scattered light) and opto-acoustic signaling (thermoeleastic pressure waves) to precisely monitor the exact timing of RPE cell destruction. As a result, treatments even within the fovea become possible.

 Core Technology O R2

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Auto Ramp-up Technology

The proprietary Dual Dosimetry function works in tandem with automatic ramping of laser pulse energy. Incremental pulse energy ramping allow treatments to stop at the exact point of RPE cell destruction, and are therefore optimized for every patient and every treatment.

Core Technology Auto Ramp up Technology



RPE Regeneration Process

R:GEN selectively targets and causes mechanical disruption of RPE cells without damaging photoreceptors, resulting in the regeneration of new and healthy RPE cells. Rather than causing gross thermal damage to the neural retina, choroid, and photoreceptors, R:GEN triggers new cell growth and repair of function.